At The Midnight Smoker BBQ, we are passionate about making true, authentic Barbecue; we believe that real Barbecue is the best eating
experience you will ever have. Taking something from its rawest form and fusing science with art to create something truly delicious has
become our mission.  Barbecue may be the only “food group” created by design to be eaten in an event setting-shared with family and friends. 
In the Old Testament people came together to feast and celebrate God’s goodness.
The early church not only worshiped together, but “shared their meals with great joy and generosity” (Acts 2:46, NLT).


As a result of choosing The Midnight Smoker BBQ for your up and coming events, you will experience a true celebration, the coming together to fellowship around the banquet table for the common meal with a not so common flavor. We will prepare our Barbecue for you the way it was always intended to be prepared. Over low heat for a long period of time. We will take no short-cuts because we want you to agree with us that this is the best Barbecue you have ever had. Your taste buds will want more and you will never again forget what real barbeque taste like. With all this to look forward to, now would be a great time to book your event or order your meals.

How can The Midnight Smoker BBQ serve you best as we follow our dream to create authentic Barbecue?


Steve Whiting,
The Midnight Smoker BBQ




My name is Steve Whiting and together with my wife Donna we own and operate The Midnight Smoker BBQ. We offer catering and Vending of our delicious BBQ meats and side dishes along with our Spice Rubs and Sauces in the Greater Sacramento California area. We are proud members of the California Barbecue Association (CBBQA) as well as the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS).

I became passionate about Barbecue a few years ago and began learning all I could about the Art and Science of creating delicious smoked meats. i started with a Weber gas grill but soon discovered wood and the joy of cooking over a live fire.

So what about the name? Well, The name The Midnight Smoker comes from putting huge pieces of meat, such as Briskets or Pork Butts on a smoker at around the Midnight hour and slow-smoking till done the following afternoon. This requires tending to the fire and the meat throughout the night. The thrill, other then creating mouth-watering Barbecue, is being outdoors and cooking under the moonlight in the dead silence of the night while the rest of the world sleeps.

Here at The Midnight Smoker BBQ we believe in honoring the traditional old-fashioned methods of creating Real Barbecue. While today’s trend is leaning towards cooking  Barbecue "Hot and Fast" we will always smoke our meats "Low and Slow", allowing the juices to moisten and the smoke to flavor the meat.  And we will only use hardwood as our fuel-never gas.  At The Midnight Smoker BBQ we believe Barbecue is synonymous with tradition and we sincerely believe our Barbecue reflects that.  So give us a try and let us know what you think.