In the Old Testament people came together to feast and celebrate God’s goodness.  The early church not only worshiped together, but “shared their meals with great joy and generosity” (Acts 2:46, NLT)

Yippee! I was as happy as a turkey the day after Thanksgiving. But alas, my joy did was short lived as it quickly dawned on me that I am not a "Hot and Fast" pitmaster. That, in my opinion is not real Barbecue. I am, and will always be a "Low and Slow" guy.
You see, I love barbecue for many different reasons. Sure I love the taste of moist smoky meat cooked for several hours over seasoned hardwood. And of course love the happiness and festivity good Barbecue brings to the table. But more than that, I have great respect for the Barbecue traditions created back in the early days. Days when pitmasters didn't use automatic temperature controllers hooked up to a computer to regulate the air intake and record the temperature changes on a graph. Days when pitmasters didn't inject their meat with a concoction they purchased off the internet. Now I can go on and on about the modern changes in the Barbecue community but that will only cause my blood pressure to rise and I would rather get back to my main topic, Smoking at Midnight.
And so with no other choice, and all prepared for a miserable night, I fired up my smoker and started cooking my Barbecue at Midnight. And guess what? What started out to be something I was dreading, but knew I needed to do to stay true to my beliefs, actually became something I truly enjoyed. I discovered something magical happens in the late night hours when the whole world is asleep. As I am listening to the still of the night, with nothing but the moonlight keeping me company, and the smell of the wood and the meat as the smoke drifts into the dark sky, I am at peace. I discovered that I am doing what I was meant to do and the only way I believe it was meant to be done. Not taking any short cuts but enjoying the journey along the way.
And that's when I became The Midnight Smoker.


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We had our progressive dinner last night and everyone loved the pulled pork. The flavor was wonderful. I hope you don't mind if I give your email to others. Dina and I would like to purchase some for ourselves when you cook more. Please let me know when you have more. Again thank you for making our dinner such a success.
Pam, Roseville

We received your name through Pam regarding the pork that we had at our Bridge Builders event on Friday night, which was delicious. We are interested in purchasing some for a party coming up for Thanksgiving weekend for 20 adults. Thank you.

Nancy, Roseville

Just a quick not to thank you for the meat...everyone loved it!  You did great and I think you may get a bit of business out of this.  I hope its okay to give your email out. Thanks again.  My husband loved it and was totally blown away that I planned this whole thing and he had no clue!

Jackie, Rocklin

We were the lucky people who hired The Midnight Smoker for our wedding reception. You did an Awesome job! Everyone loved the pork and chicken! I highly recommend you to anyone who needs catering. Thanks for the great food!

Robert, Antelope

I have to tell you that your Tri-Tip was about the best we have ever had! (We ate a lot of BBQ in Texas). I am really impressed. You all should do well with it. Blessings.

Bobbie, Rocklin

Thank you is not enough for what you are doing for my sons school!! You are a blessing - and make the best BBQ I have ever tasted!!!!

Tressa, Sacramento